Alfa Romeo SZ Technical Page

Bonnet Prop (11/05/10)

There is an irritating little problem on the SZ/RZ; where the bonnet prop enters the front slam panel the hole isn't fitted with a grommet (not on my car anyway!) and over time the prop, combined with the bonnet weight, distorts the hole and it begins to look unsightly.

Ed van de Beek recommends a solution which I've photographed as the small, but very worthwhile, modification was completed.

  You can see the damage, even on my very low mileage example. A few more services and this would be a real mess.
  Find a piece of tubing that fits over the bonnet prop. This is 10mm with a 1mm sidewall.
  Then borrow someone's hairdryer to soften the tube to assist with fitting.

You could also put the tube in warm water but I didn't want fluids everywhere.

  Lightly lubricate the bonnet prop and area where the tube will fit, warm the tube and push it on as far as it will go.
  The tube I had was a bit tight and took several more "warmings" and lots of persuasion to go on, but it went eventually!
  This is as far as mine would go, even after lots of persuasion!
  Trim the end and it's done.
  …and fitted, protecting the hole
  ...and surrounding metalwork from damage.

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