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Brake Pipe Valve (18/06/10)

The SZ suffers from barely adequate brakes and I noticed mine seemed to deteriorate after a few miles of ownership...perhaps I just realised how poor the brakes are! Ed van de Beek's website has a suggested modification (at your own risk!) which I decided to try on my car, this is how it goes....

First, you need to purchase the valve needed for the modification. It is still available from Alfa Dealers for around £6.00gbp

Part number - 60543892

This is the bit we're concerned with, at the end of the rubber hose.

It's just a simple one-way valve but I guess it becomes less effective over time, resulting in less pressure being available when you hit the brake pedal.

Remove the hose.

22mm spanner to remove the valve.
You can just see the insides. Initially I thought there was a ball bearing being held under tension with a spring, but I soon found out this was not the case...whatever it is, it needs to be gone!
Smallest internal diameter is around 7.3mm,
I used a 7mm drill to remove the internals.
Turns out the internals are basically just rubber so didn't drill cleanly.


It took several passes with the drill and some poking around to remove everything.

Be brave...cut the brake hose on the straight bit.

Look at the valve, there should be an arrow showing which way the air needs to flow, in this case it's towards the engine.

I've marked this with blue pen, the bottom mark is the arrow.

Insert the new valve into the hose where it's cut.

Now (obviously!) insert the other end into the remaining pipe and secure both with suitable clips and reattach to the inlet manifold

Before going anywhere...check your brakes still work!

Hopefully, this modification should make enough difference to the brakes so they are good enough for everyday road use. If they're still not acceptable then an expensive brake upgrade is needed!

Update: Having driven the car some miles now I can confirm the brakes are definitely better! Before the modification the brake pedal was spongy, that's now gone and the pedal inspires a bit more confidence!

Many thanks to Ed van de Beek and other owners for the tip.


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