Alfa Romeo SZ Technical Page

Loose Steering Fix (12/02/11)

Since buying my SZ, the steering has been loose. It feels like free play at the centre and made negotiating bends at speed "interesting"! The previous owner didn't know what the problem was..

Worst case scenario is a worn steering rack which needs replacing, but before splashing out a small fortune it's worth checking your mounting bolts! The steering rack mounting bolts sometimes work loose, allowing the steering rack to move and producing sloppy steering.

  Right hand side, by the exhaust - these are the troublesome bolts, access above is very tight but a small 13mm spanner will just fit in. Get someone to rock the steering to see the rack move!

Pictures on the left show the original 40mm bolt which only just goes into the captive nut. I fitted longer bolts (example on the right) and added a lock nut.

Note: the bolts are high tensile 10.9 grade.

  The longer (50mm) bolts fitted, with additional lock nut.




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