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Seat Modifications (16/04/11)

I have a bad back so have to be careful about seating positions, in addition I need to have a lot of headroom to position the seat correctly for my back...the SZ does not accommodate me very well in either of these areas!

After corresponding with another SZ owner in the UK, he suggested removing the subframe of the seat to lower it and permit more headroom. This would allow me to sit in a more vertically to ensure the lumbar support is in position - better for my back.

Removing the subframe means the seat base no longer moves, the helpful UK owner measured the pedal positions from his car and it all looked promising...but I just couldn't bring myself to do it!

Firstly it involved drilling extra holes in the SZ's chassis and some basic seat modifications for the seatbelt, neither of which I was very happy with,. Secondly, and more importantly, I don't think it would give me enough headroom to make a difference.

What I needed was more lumbar support because the seats are so damned uncomfortable. There is a large area at the base of the seat back where my lower spine has no support at all; this causes lots of I decided to add rather than take away.

For months I've been driving with a small cushion pushed in the lumbar area, which worked well, but adjusting it for comfort every drive was tedious, so I came up with the following solution. Before you look any further, I have absolutely no upholstery all, so apologies to anyone in the trade!

  I purchased a small piece (500x600) of 75mm high density foam from a local shop.
Sizing the piece required to fill the lumbar area was simply guesswork...the strip is about 150mm wide.
  First trial showed the foam was not being supported sufficiently so a triangle was added to fit right into the back of the seat.
  The two pieces stuck together with glue.





Foam padding in place, it is surprisingly effective, albeit a little unattractive!


Now to the other seat. My long suffering other half is much smaller than me, so has the opposite problem. The lumbar support is too high and sticks into her back.

She also has a bad back so another solution was adult booster seat!

  Using the majority of the foam piece, cut to the width of the whole seat but shorter than the base to avoid digging into the front of her legs.
  The side and front bolsters were "let in" to locate the foam properly...
  ...and the front angled more because it was still digging into the underside of her legs.
  The foam fits snugly into the lower parts of the seat base.

His 'n' Her's bolsters!

Now we are both able to enjoy the SZ without breaking our backs!

Obviously the foam can't be left like this, the two pieces need covering in leather to match the SZ's sumptuous interior. Pictures will be added when it's done.

To be continued.....


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