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Installing a Thicker Starter Motor Power Cable (March 2012)

Over th elast few months I've begun to experience poor starting problems, but only when the engine was hot after a prolonged run, or when it had been stood all afternoon n the sun. On fuel injected cars this can sometimes be traced to the air temperature sensor giving high readings because of the heat.

The car starts perfectly from cold, but once very hot does not like restarting. The odd thing is that when you turn the key there's nothing, not even a click from the starter motor solenoid. Clearly there's a problem with power to the starter motor and it's likely to be the positive lead suffering from temprature related high resistance, primarily because it's not beefy enough, but this is made worse by the SZ's high underbonnet temperatures.

So, hopefully a simple solution is to upgrade the positive lead by fitting a larger diameter cable to see if it makes a difference; I''ll report back in a few months to see if it's cured the problem!

pic 200x150 Pics to follow...

Update 24/08/12 - My SZ gradually became worse at starting, even when cold. I replaced the battery and all is well, the old battery was only two years old which is why I hadn't considered it might be at fault!

So, if you're having this problem please check your battery.

I'll leave this page for now in case the power cable is upgraded in future.


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