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I used to have an Airflow Airchamber which was great. unfortunately I subsequently decided to fit a four post ramp in my garage which meant the Airchamber was in the way and regular dismantling was not an option.

So, I decided to look at the popular Carcoon car storage option. This a a non-rigid solution which involves placing the top part on the car and unforlding it, then zipping the top to the base.

To be honest this didn't sound very attractive to me, likely to cause scratches on a dirty car. But, the Carcoon have thought of that and it comes with six mounting loops on the top which is perfect for my situation.

The loops allow me to attach the Carcoon to the underside of my ramp (you could easily rig up some pulleys to a ceiling) thereby suspending it. Whilst the movement of the car in and out isn't as easy as the Airchamber it's a good compromise for my situation. I use "bungee" cord to lift and hold the top part of the Carcoon out of the way whilst I drive in/out.

The Carcoon utilises the movement of air inside the "bubble" to prevent the forming of condensation. I'll have to see how it copes with my damp garage but online reviews give the product excellent reviews. In addition the Carcoon customer service has been amazing for me...after my dog chewed the Carcoon before it was even out of the box!!!

Unfolding the groundsheet. It';s recommended the fans are away from the door.
Sheet flat, sides folded inwards.

One of the six hanging loops. They are quite strudy.

I made some custom hooks to fit the ramp and bought some D-rings and chain to fasten to the loops.

The top part hanging from under the ramp.

As you can see the sides fall in the way of where the car will be so it's not possible to drive straight in.

My Heath Robinson solution is to tie up the top using bungee cord and hooks to attach to the ramp.

I hope to improve on this solution in time, but it will suffice for now.

Ready to drive the SZ in. You have to protect the zip when driving over.

The instructions suggest folding the plastic in on itself but I didn't like the idea so just used some old rags instead.

Zipped up and fans started.
Beginning to pad out a little.
Halfway there.
Beginning to wonder if i'll be able to get back in the garage!

Fully inflated!

The added bonus of this system is that the Carcoon affords a little bit of protection from accidental damage thanks to the internal pressure. My ramp will be going about 200mm higher so the sides will be slightly narrower in future.

Overall, I'm very happy with the Carcoon and can only speak highly of the company!

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