Links to some other websites you may enjoy, contact me if you wish to have your SZ/RZ site included.

Website for the UK Alfa Romeo Owners Club.
My other website, dedicated to my passion for another Alfa Romeo, the rare 155 Q4.
Another of my other websites, dedicated to my old AR51 Matta, which was sold to buy the SZ.
Harry Hoving's excellent SZ tribute website.
SZ/RZ specific website with lots of useful information, including the International Register.
  If you haven't already got this installed on your PC you'll need it for the menu font.
Jamie Porter - a well known UK Alfa Romeo specialist with some SZ/RZ spares.
1/24 scale bodies for remote control SZs.
Steve Chamber's website, supplier of 18" replica SZ wheels and amazing ESZED models.
Reasonably priced "Spark" 1/43rd scale SZ/RZ models.
Wonderful pictures of a stunning SZ.
Home of Zagato design.
Ok, it's small, made of paper and doesn't have an engine, but it's free!
A website selling copies of many "special" Alfa Romeo tools you'll doubtless need.
  This is how I store my SZ, the company were VERY helpful when my dog chewed the Carcoon!!!

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