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This site has been around a long time but, after a quiet period, has now grown from it's last update in 2006 and contains a lot more information os it will continue to be resource for fans of the Alfa Romeo 155.


The site combines elements of the old www.alfa155.com, www.alfa155.co.uk, www.alfaromeo155.co.uk and www.alfaromeo155.co.uk websites...hopefully you'll find it interesting and useful.


Please email if you'd like anything included here - admin@alfa155.co.uk





23/04/15 - Added some ECU files to the Tech Pages
11/04/15 - Added some more Tech Pages

03/04/14 - Website hosting moved from the suddently absent "GetFreeHosting" to "One.com" hosting, much quicker to upload and much quicker in use!
27/10/13 - Unoffical Register page updated.

25/10/13 - Unoffical Register page added.

24/10/13 - Rebuild completed...let me know if you find any errors!

17/10/13 - Added the old "Horrors" page.

15/10/13 - Added "My 155s" page.

12/10/13 - Updating continues on a nightly basis!

08/10/13 - Uploaded the "old" site to the new host.

04/10/13 - Temporary Index page linking to the previous host "Daiblack" - thanks Dai!

30/09/13 - Work commenced on simplifying and redesigning the website.

01/06/06 - Last update by Henry Yorke as the hosting was passed to "Daiblack".




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