:: Fitting an Amplifier Power Cable ::

The first day I had my 155, I fitted my old Alpine head unit, CD multi-changer amp and sub, though finding where you could get a power cable through the bulkhead to the inside of the car was very difficult. This resulted in me ringing my local dealer and poking about whilst on the end of a mobile phone. Anyway, here's how to do do it with a few pics from my dirty 155!!

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Firstly remove the bit of triangular foam from around the near side bonnet hinge. This just pulls out so give it a tug.

Starting at the positive battery terminal (and don't connect it until the end!!) you can run a cable up the plastic wire conduit towards the top of the shock absorber. When the wire comes out of this conduit, it is a good place to mount a fuse as the fuse for an amp should be as close to the battery as possible to minimise the chance of electrical fires in the cabin. A good thick waterproof fuse holder is needed here.

You can route the wire under the fuse box (which just pulls up to disengage) and towards a grommet just behing the strut top (marked Hole)

You can pull this grommet out and make a new hole in it for your power wire.

Next remove your wiper arms and unscrew the plastic panel just below the windscreen. This allows you to see where your wire is going. From this point, you are looking for a grommet that will take you through behind the glovebox and drop down towards the ECU. I didn't dismantle my car to see where this was when I took the other photos so I can't remember exactly where to go from there, but the lower part of the 155's dash-board is quite open, so you can easily route the cable to the door hinges and down along the Alfa Romeo inside sill plates and all the way through to the boot.

You are not meant to run a power cable next to phono cables for fear of interferance, but I have never had a problem.

To fasten amps etc down in the boot, I put a thing piece of wood under the boot floor so I could screw into it easily.

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