:: Alfa 166 V6 Brembo Brake Caliper Upgrade ::

Brakes on the heavier 155s, such as this 155 Q4, are sometimes criticised for not being able to tolerate sustained usage. Often the reason is a binding caliper (especially the rear) causing the brake fluid to overheat, or the rear compensator valve not operating effectively.

But sometimes you just want that extra confidence....from some dirty great four pot Brembos!

First, you need to gather the various bits needed...this can be an expensive modific-ation! This includes checking the clearance you have for the 166 Brembo calipers.

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They are very large calipers which usually need to go under 17" wheels. Here you can see the calipers being tested for fitting with some Team Dynamic RVO 2 wheels. These also need an extra 12mm of space to clear the caliper.
15mm hubcentric spacers were purchased from eBay....do not use spacers that are not hubcentric!!!
Discs are to fit a Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo, 305mm. Much cheaper without the grooves but I thought they looked nice! Here you can see the standard 284mm discs for comparison.

To fit all 155s you'll need to fabricate an adaptor bracket. I was lucky, a friend on www.alfa155.org kindly gave me a spare pair which had been professionally made using CNC machinery. You could easily fabricate one using 10mm steel or aero grade aluminium.

You will also need the OE bolts (p/n 82482992) as they are an odd size, and various other nuts, bolts and washers

Also, the calipers need offsetting by approximately 8.75mm. Beware....test fit the calipers and discs first as mine were different on each side!!!

Alternatively, you can use some plain washers.

First job, if you want red calipers, is to repaint them...I first used HT paint but it was rubbish....

...so had to strip them down again and repaint with some proper caliper lacquer.

High temperature "Alfa Romeo" stickers can be purchased from eBay for a few pounds.

Testing sizes, with 8-9mm of spacers the OE bolts fit the calipers.

The pink colour is a threadlock compound.

Machining the correct size spacers from aluminium. Mine were 8.75mm and 10mm!!!!
Putting it all together. Ensure you use high tensile bolts (marked with 8.8 on the head) and lock washers or Nylocs.
Side view.
The finished article....with wheels and 15mm spacers, VERY nice!
This is an amazing modification for 155s. The braking power is simply astounding. Total cost can be up to £500 if you need replacement wheels.....

Calipers - eBay/Scrapper - c.£150 delivered (mine were £120)
Caliper lacquer (red) - £20
Caliper stickers - £10
Discs - eBay - £120 for grooved set of four (plain are @£20-30 for front)
Brackets - DIY - cost of steel + time (local machine shop will charge c.£60-70)
Caliper spacers - plain washers can be used
Various nuts and bolts - <£10

If you only need the calipers, front discs and adaptors then it can be done for less than £200...when you consider an "official" upgrade kit can cost up to £1,000 this is not bad!

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