:: Chipping a 155 - why do it? ::

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Chipping a 155 is the quickest way to gain more power and probably the cheapest. There are three main players in the pre-programmed chip market for the Alfa 155; Squadra, Autodelta and Superchips. The first two are availabe from the Alfaowner.com online ship.

So why change the chip? Well manufacturers set a cars Engine Control Unit (ECU) to be able to run on very low octane fuel and exceed recommended servicing intervals with out causing any terminal damage. This introduces a compromise into the engines performance versus longevity. Most cars are built with very large safety margins in the engine so that they don't get damaged by things like poor fuel and servicing.

The performance chip reduces these margins and takes into consideraton that all European fuel is of high quality and the car will get enough air etc as it is not as quite so dusty etc as other places. Chipping involves removing the "sensible and over cautious brain" of the engine management system and putting a "more athletic" one in. The programme for the chip is downloaded from the internet at one of Superchips's Modem Dealers, programmed onto a chip and plugged into your car with resonably instant effect.

The 155 is a very easy car to put a chip into, and requires no soldering and very little experience. The ECU is located in the passenger footwell on the left hand side of the car. This is disconnected, opened up, the new ECU chip placed inside and then plugged back in. Instant new car! It allows you to rev higher and optimises the fuel / air mixture and injection system so that the car runs more efficiently.

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