:: Replacing a Driveshaft Rubber Boot ::

Replacing the outer and inner driveshaft boots, because both fronts went on mine at the same time!

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First job is to remove the driveshafts from the car, unless you're using a universal "zip" boot!

Jack the car up and remove the road wheel. Lock the driveshaft by placing a screwdriver in the disc or having an assistant press on the brakes.

Undo the six bolts...ensure you clean out the allen bolt heads before trying to remove them otherwise they may round off.

Once the driveshaft has been split you need to remove the hub nut. If you haven't got an impact wrench then get an assistant to stamp on the brakes and you'll need a LONG breaker bar and 36mm socket as the nuts are tightened to something like 250lb/ft. Once the nut is off the driveshaft should slide out

The offside (especially Q4 and V6) needs a bit more space for the driveshaft to slide out.

Removing the two bolts holding the hub to the shock absorber may give enough working room once the hub is released.

Alternatively, you could split the bottom ball joint (I had to do this on th Q4) to allow the hub to move away from the car, giving enough room to withdraw the driveshaft.

If you choose this route be careful not to damage the balljoint cover.

Driveshaft on the bench. I decided to replace BOTH boots on each driveshaft as a preventative measure.
Picture shows one of the splits...it's massive!

Prise off the clips, some may end up being destroyed but your boot kit should have replacements...even if they are just cable ties.

Sometimes a kit comes without replacement clips; it's possible to re-use the original clips if you carefully knock them back into shape, but replacement is preferable.

...and the other side.

Clean off the grease in the centre and locate the circlip.

Remove the circlip, ideally you'll need circlip pliers for this. Failing that, small screwdrivers and lots of patience will suffice!

Circlip removed.
Place the driveshaft flange in a vice and gently hammer out the driveshaft to seperate the components...it may just drop out.
Whilst the flange is off replace and regrease the CV joint boot and then replace and regrease the inner driveshaft boot. After putting it back together. Don't forget to replace the circlip!
Refit driveshaft to the car...the usual reversal of removal.

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