:: Removing the front grill ::

Removal of the front grill is needed to gain access to the horns, re-align/remove the bumper, access the radiator bolts or just remove/paint or replace the front end!

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Remove the black plastic "brows" covering the top of the headlight units. The little plastic bungs unscrew if you're lucky, otherwise just pull them out.

Make sure you remove the bit left in too...three on each side.

You'll need a 7mm socket to remove this screw for the indicator unit. I don't recommend you use a screwdriver as it can be very hard to remove. The screw head is shallow so make sure you have a good hold before undoing and remove the screw completely.

Press the little lever to the right and pull the indicator out towards the front of the car.

Indicator out, disconnect it.
Now you have access to the small bolt in the corner.
This requires an 8mm spanner, ratchet spanners are ideal. BE CAREFUL, this little bolt is very easy to break, leaving you with a headlight strip loose on the end! It is possible to repair but that's another story entirely...
Back to the centre pieceand remove the four screws, two each side of the Alfa "heart".
Now the delicate part...gently prise the front off, it could be very tight so be careful or the little studs can break off if they've seized.

This one had already been removed (by me) a while ago and greased prior to re-assembly...so it came out easily this time! Now you can see one of the bumper bolts and will have access to the horns!

Refitting is the usual reverse of removal, but make sure you use copper grease on EVERYTHING to ensure a much easier life next time :-)

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