:: Fitting an Alfa 33 P4 Nardi Steering Wheel ::

The steering wheel from an Alfa 33 P4 is a Nardi made wheel and it's lovely! I decided this was the the wheel for me and set about fitting one to my Q4.

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The simple but sexy Nardi steering wheel.

Firstly, I would not recommend you buy an Ector steering wheel boss as they just don't fit!

The centre bore had an external diameter of 35mm compared to 30mm for the original. This means it won't go on to the steering column. Hence my choice of the more expensive, but better, MOMO boss.

This is the original wheel, showing 30mm.
Here you can see the different wall thickesses of the centre part...how culd they get it so wrong???

So, back went the Ector and a call to the MOMO shop resulted in another boss being ordered. This was much nicer, apart from fitting (very important!) it looked better and has a rubber "concertina" covering which impressed.

But, it doesn't come with a horn button which might be a consideration for some people. Luckily the Nardi wheel had it's own...

33 P4 boss won't fit a 155 so off it comes.
Drilling the rivets out to seperate the wheel from it's boss.

The Nardi wheel has eight rivet fixings, the MOMO has six machine screws. Some thinking and measuring was done.

Note: the boss has a "top", to ensure the indicator auto-cancel function remains operative.

I decided to tap the boss to match the wheel rather than re-drill the steering wheel, for two reasons.

Firstly, the wheel could then be returned back to a 33 at some point in the future; and secondly, it worked better this way around as the holes would overlap slightly if I drilled the wheel to match the boss.

Size is M5, tapping drill is 4.2mm.

It was necessary to enlarge the holes and countersunk area to accept the M5 machine screws supplied.
Test fitting, I decided four holes weren't enough and reluctantly drilled the wheel for two more screws.
Finished. All eight original holes are still present so the wheel can still be safely returned to a 33 in future, if necessary.
Side view showing the boss.
Fitted to the car...and very nice it is!

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