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Shortshifter for Q4 and V6

Do you have a sloppy stick, are gearchanges a shot in the dark and a game of p[ushing the lever in whicheever hole you ifnd? In that case you ned a "quickshift" kit to shorten the "throw" of your gear lever.

The kit below, available from Berlina Sportiva, fits the 155 Q4 and V6 (and possibly GTV V6 - unconfirmed). Fitting the quickshift makes a huge difference to the amount of movement between gearchanges and has made the gearchanging experience much more positice in my car!

The kit is available from Berlina Sportico Spares - HERE

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The Quickshift kit parts.

Firstly, remove the gear lever cover, one "press-stud" and a gentle pull of the base will have it removed.
Fit the kit as shown in the picture to the right.
Note the position of the top bracket, the bolt is placed at the bottom of the slot.
Once fitted, it will become clear that the gears cannot be selected because the rods foul the transmission tunnel!
Here you can see some paint has been removed by trying to select the gears, showing the white primer underneath.

The white primer acts as a guide to where metal needs to be removed from the surrounding bodywork.

With a file, begin to carefully remove the metal, as required.

You will end up with a 90 degree cut out in the transmission tunnel, roughly 20mm each side.
My finger is roughly 20mm wide!
Now the gears will select as they should...1st.
...and 5th!
You will now be able to enjoy a really sharp and snappy gearchange and a sportier driving experience!

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