:: Removing the rear door trim ::

Do you need to access the window motor, has your door handle snapped or do you just need to replace a damaged inner panel? This guide might help a little....

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An early "skinny" door panel.
Unscrew the door pin.
Open the ashtray, press on the silver clip at the top and pull out the ashtray.
Remove the philips screw.
Remove the Torx screw behind the silver door lever. Be careful, these can strip very easily, make sure you use the correct size bit.
Gently prise out the whole plastic trim, you may need to use a screwdriver to release the two spring clips on top.
1. Turn the locking clip (circled) anticlockwise, to the vertical position.
2. Remove the spring clip (shown removed,below the circle) securing the door release cable.
3. Lift out the door release cable and remove the plastic trim.
Remove the blanking plug using a small screwdriver or similar.
Remove the allen bolt.
Looking back at the void created by removing the ashtray/door release plastic trim...remove the two 10mm nuts.

Using a trim tool and starting on the hinge side, gently prise off the plastic retainers, the panel will simply lift away from the door once they are released.

The panel can be removed by pulling but the plastic retainers can easily break.

nner panel removed, showing the location of the plastic retainers.
Weather membrane, gently peel this away to access the inner workings of your door!

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