:: Fitting a Rear Door ::

As part of my "skinny" to "widey" conversion it was necessary to replace the rear doors...this is an easy job, but a little awkward at the same time!

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The original "skinny" rear door, you can clearly see the lipped edge.
The replacement "wide" door, the lip has been smoothed out and the whole door is wider to accommodate the wider rear quarters.
First, knock out the split dowel pin holding the check strap.
Remove the lower 10mm hinge bolt.
Remove the upper 10mm hinge bolt.

Prise off the rubber grommet at the body side.

Gently prise out the wiring, which will include two large connectors.

Remove as much of the sticky foam as necessary to unplug both connectors.

Hopefully, if you apply upward pressure and gently rock the door, it should come off...be careful, the door is heavy!

However, this door would not come of easily so I used the car's emergency jack to move the door vertically about 10mm, then lifted it off.

Fitting the replacement door is exactly the opposite of removal, but I found it helpful to loosen the check strap securing bolts (2x10mm) to allow some extra maneuverability whilst attempting to hold and position the heavy door.

Locate the bottom hinge first, but don't drop it all the way down. You need to line up the top hinge at the same time and ensure the check strap is in place properly....probably easier with two people but one can do it too.

Here the replacement is on and you can see the gap caused by the extra width of the doors, this will obviously need filling with the appropriate panel when the "wide" rear quarters are fitted.
Nice and smooth....
Skinny wing measures 13mm from the inner wing.
Wide wing measures around 28mm...15mm wider each side.

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