:: Replacing the rear trailing arm bearings ::

A common failure on
155s and, other Fiat group cars of the era, worn rear trailing arm bearings causes play at the hinging point of the rear suspension, which in turn allows the rear wheel to lean in. Whilst this gives a nice touring car stance it also adversely affects the handling and causes excessive tyre wear...plus it's an MOT fail.

Rear trailing arm bearing kits are still availabe for around £20 each side (Shop4parts 2014 price). This kits includes the long bolt, bolt sleeve, two bearings, two seals and the plastic inner piece.

Sadly, the Q4 has a wide rear trailing arm which requires a longer bolts, metal tube and plastic thing and a specific kit is not available, even from dealers. However, it's not all bad news...if your long bolt comes out ok then you can use the bearings and seals form the standard kit.

Considering the above, the last bit of advice I have for 155 owners is replace this sooner rather than later, a seized bolt needs cutting out (hard work!) and if you're a Q4 owner you need it to come out in one piece!

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