:: Single Wiper Conversion ::

A little project for those wanting a DTM style single wiper for less money than the "official" versions...this project is by "Speedy" on www.alfa155.org.

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Get down to the scrapyard and buy yourself a Citroen ZX wiper assembly, should look a bit like this.
Then as you can see you need to weld a bracket on to mount it to the car and re drill the holes to fit the Alfa motor to it as using the original holes causes it to foul and not fit.
If you fit the linkage to the car using the top left bolt hole to fasten the linkage to the car's original centre top bolt hole it keeps the pivot in the same position (virtually and you can use the original hole in the plastic cover (with a bit of trimming).

Then bolt it in and set it up, it can be adjusted to sit in the centre of the screen or down to one side.

To fit it to the centre it just needs to be moved 1/4 turn on the motor

One thing to remember is due to its shortness of the arms it sweeps across the screen fast, very fast. Oh and it doesnt Judder...

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