:: Fitting a Silverstone splitter ::

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Part number from the Alfa parts CD, this is no longer available from Alfa but is made by a couple of people in their sheds.
Position the spoiler under the car in either the in or extended position. It is easiest to get the car on a ramp to get underneath. You need two people, one to hold it in place whilst the other puts the screws in.
I used lots of screw to make sure it didn't come off!! The original spoiler has lots of pre drilled holes in it for the screws. I believe the Lester copy ones have dimples that you need to drill through.
The screws I used were self drilling screws that can even screw into metal! They have a drill bit at the end, then a thread and then a washer with an 8mm hex head on them. This was an easy job with an air gun. You need large washers to hold it securely in place. As my 155 was fitted with the front undertray, it was difficult to get to the back of the bumper without removing this.
The end result. I opted for the recessed look as I didn't like the hole that's left at the back of the splitter when extended. There are aftermarket versions around with a Porsche Cup style lip that extends up the sides and fill this gap.
I kept my spoiler black as it would have looked too excessive if blue as the tops of the bumpers are colour coded and so is the grille. It would cost more to respray if I chipped the paint off it. I have already caught it a couple of times on ramps.

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