:: Fitting a strut brace ::

The purpose of a strut brace is to try and reduce the suspension turret movement when cornering. Fitting one will minimise independant movement of each turret and allow for "sharper" turn in. The strut brace pictured is manufactured by the Italian styling company MOMO. You may also need a few washers, approx 23d x 3mm, to fit a 9mm bolt.

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Remove the two inner strut bolts on both sides.
The fuse shown will need to be rotated or moved to allow for clearance of the strut.
The brake pipes will also need to be "adjusted" (bent!!) to clear the brace. Leave until later to minimise the amount of adjustment.
Remove the plastic clip securing the two rubber pipes to the engine.
A packing washer was needed to compensate for the engine mount and enable clearance of the engine.
Left side showing engine mount and hole.
Right side showing washer in place
Fix the front (thicker) brackets first, ensuring the washer is in place. Careful not to strip the threads when tightening!

Fit the rear leg of the brace, A good shove will be needed to line up the holes and screw the bolt in. MOMO braces are not exactly a good fit!!!

Bend the brake pipes out of the way.........slowly!!!

The strut brace in place, note the close proximity to the brake pipes and engine.

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