:: Fitting a rear undertray ::

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Left are the parts CD references for the rear undertray and the fittings. This was only fitted to certain markets and early 155's. Very few 155's have both front and rear undertrays. Primarily, this is to protect the fuel tank from stones, but it also helps smooth the under car air flow, which assists downforce through the ground effect, when combined with the front splitter and lowering.

When you fit the screws into the tray, it is wise to apply a lot of copper grease to the threads as these screws will be exposed to a lot of road salt and water and can very easily rust in place.

Position the tray in place and put axle stands underneath to hold it whilst you fit the screws and washers.

On my 1997 155, I had to buy new fuel tank straps as these have a fitment to allow the main bolts in the tray to be screwed into it.

As these hung lower for some reason, I kept the original straps inplace as well and just fitted these over the top of it. The tank is held in place by rubber grommets and is very dificult to release.

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