:: DIY 7mm Wheel Spacers ::

I needed to obtain a spacer that allowed the fitting of Wilwood Calipers under Oz Zagato wheels, and for the whole lot to still fit under a widebody wheel arch. As far as I know t's only possible to buy 5mm or 10mm spacers; the latter are hard to find and expensive! So I made my own to suit...

Please note, at the time of writing (28/05/14) this modification has NOT been road tested...use at your own risk until I confirm they are safe!

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A set of standard 284mm front discs, with the correct PCD and number of holes.
The centre, whcih bolts to the hub, measure around 6.85mm...see where this is going yet?

Mark a line around the circumference, about 10mm down from the top.

With a metal cutting disc (or hacksaw if you're really keen!) carefully grind around the disc...I G-clamped the disc to the bench to prevent it moving around.

Part way through the seperation process, be careful when breaking through.

G-clamp used again to prevent accidents and make cleaning the job easier.

Carefully grind around the edges.

When close to the finished level, use a finer abrasive, such as a flap wheel, to ensure a clean and smooth join with the original surface.
Finishing touches for the 7mm spacers...painting the edges so they don't rust.

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