:: Juddering Wiper Fix ::

155's are known to have a few niggling problems but one of the most annoying is juddering wipers. There are several possible reasons for this juddering but in the past the only "fix" was to replace the entire wiper motor at a cost of £100.00 for the part.

There is however a DIY fix for one of the causes which is straight forward and costs nothing but your time.

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Starting with the obvious....155 arms sit at a strange angle on the windscreen. Mark the position of both. Refitting wrongly will result in the bonnet or other wiper arm being damaged.
Remove the wiper bolt covers, just prise off with a screwdriver. Then remove the nut (13mm) and remove wiper arm from the splined shaft.
Remove the end panels, you will need a "Torx" bit, T20. A small screwdriver or Allen Key MAY suffice (at your own risk!).

Remove the Torx screws for the main cover, (including 3 under the rubber seal at the bottom) and rotate the cover to the left.

DO NOT try to remove it as the windscreen washer pipes are attached to the left.

Remove the single bolt to the left.
One in the centre...

...and the two nuts pictures left.

Be careful with these two, they tighten onto captive bolts which are easy to spin.

The whole wiper assembly can now be removed, lay it down with the motor uppermost.

Undo the access panel for the connectors. Remove the connector to allow the assembly to be completely removed from the car.

Using a small screwdriver, lift off the retaining lugs around the white plastic body, inside the black cover.
This is the problem, grease migrates onto the contacts from the worm gear at the bottom of picture. Clean up the grease!
This is how it should look.
Check the wiper mechanism linkage and re-grease where necessary. Wear in this can contribute to the juddering.

Refitting is the usual reverse of removal but refit the left of the wiper linkage first, once in place.

This bolt is tapered to locate properly.

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