:: Indicator stalk replacement ::

I fitted a 33 P4 Nardi steering wheel to my narrowbody Q4. It needed a MOMO boss to fit, which moved the steering wheel towards the driver. This unfortunately meant the wiper stalks were almost unreachable when driving.

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Widebody indicators are angled more to the wheel to accommodate the later, more deeply dished MOMO airbag wheel....and I just happened to have a pair of widebody indicators in the garage!

The first two pictures show the HUGE difference in the angle. I though it might be too much and find that full beam couldn't be used...but decided to play around anyway.

There are also differences in the style of the indicator stalk:

1. Skinny version with angled ends, crude thick lined graphics
2. Skinny version with angled ends, better quality graphics
3. Wide version with square ends, better quality graphics

Just to make life more interesting, I decided to go one step further and swap the ends over to maintain the original look

Changing the ends is easy, I found using a vice produced much better results. Grip the indicator button along the sides and pull, same for the body of the button.

This is also how you get to the switch to replace it...be careful when dismantling the heated rear screen stalk, the switch will probably come apart and you'll lose the spring!

I did the same for the old skinnybody stalks and swapped the ends over.

However, this is where the differences came to haunt me. The later angled stalks do not fit over the widebody stalks, only the early skinny ends would work.

As you can see...around 40mm clearance, much better!

The finished article. Widebody stalks with narrowbody angled switches, behind a 33 P4 Nardi steering wheel and MOMO boss...phew!

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