:: Replacing the radiator n a Twinspark ::

This guide is for a 16v Twinspark engined car, the guide will be similar for other models but access and additional equipment, such as air-conditioning (a secondary radiator), will present additional challenges.

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First removing the bottom hose...this will result in coolant flowing so have a large recepticle handy.

Remove the hose clip, these can be a pain to remove but I've found the best way is to twist them off with a pair of pliers, on the tensioner part.

Same for the upper hose.
Remove the bolts securing the plastic fan housing.
Remove the fan housing.
Remove the front grill to reveal the radiator support bolts, left and right.
Wiggle the radiator whilst pulling upwards, you need to relase the two bottom studs from their grommets.
Carefully remove the plastic shroud.
Replace the plastic shroud on the new radiator.

Carefully refit the radiator into the empty void, being careful not to damage the fins as you go.

Push it into the bottom support bracket.

Refit both coolant hoses. If the hoses were a bit crusty give them a thorough clean to ensure a good seal when refitting.

Replace the old clips with standard jubilee clips, I always use the stainless variety to reduce corrosion.

Refit the fan assembly and housing.

Refill the cooling system with the appropriate coolant at the correct concentration.

Start the car, place the heater controls on "hot" and let the car get to full temprature (when the cooling fan starts).

Monitor the coolant level for the next few days and top up if required, check for drips from the pipes too.

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