:: Replacing the front suspension wishbones ::

A common problem for 155's is wear of the front wishbone bushes. First signs may include knocking from the front suspension
and later you will experience "wandering" under heavy breaking. Severely worn bushes will be an MOT failure.

There are two options to cure the problem. One is to fit complete new wishbones as the bushes are not available from Alfa Romeo, they are integral to the arms. However, option two is to fit a set of uprated polyurethane Powerflex bushes to the existing arms. They cost about the same as new wishbones but offer uprated handling and longer life.

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First, purchase some new wishbones!
Remove the anti-roll bar drop link retaining bolt.
Remove the balljoint pinch bolt.
You need a balljoint splitter.
Place above the rubber boot and hammer until the balljoint shaft drops down.
Remove the two bolts at the front of the car.........they will be tight!
Then remove the two bolts to the rear of the wishbone.....again they will be tight!

Remove the old wishbone, replacement is the usual reversal of removal.

Fit the two outer bolts first but do not tighten fully as lining up the inner bolts can be difficult, then insert the inner bolts.

Locate and turn the nut a couple of threads on the anti-roll bar link and then manouvre the balljoint into position. You may need to jack the suspension arm higher to allow this.

Re-fit the road wheel and enjoy the "new" handling of your 155 :

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