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My SZ (353) was purchased in March 2010; the same year Alfa Romeo celebrated it's Centenary.

Unfortunately joining other Alfisti for the trip to Milan was not possible, but I like to think buying the SZ was my personal tribute to Alfa Romeo in it's 100th was certainly important to me anyway!

Like many other SZ owners, I had admired the 3.0 V6 monsters from afar. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be lucky enough to own one...but life has a habit of changing ones destiny!

But it wasn't all smiles; the SZ purchase meant selling one of my other beloved classic Alfas, the unusual and not very well known "Alfa Matta". Sad as this was, the allure of the SZ was too hard to ignore and the search for one began.

I made contact with the AROC-uk ES30 SZ Registrar in December 2009, to inquire if he knew of any cars for sale; the timing was perfect as one was being offered for sale but not yet advertised. I made contact with the owner and many emails later, was on my way to the Isle of Man in March 2010 for a weekend break with my long suffering better half.

The cars I buy always seem to be miles away, but this was closer than the trip to Italy for the Matta! After a short drive the deal was done and we came back to the UK via ferry to experience the first real drive of the SZ in England...what a car!

03/03/10 - The Isle of Man harbour

St. Mary's Isle (Link):

The hotel...
...chosen for it's secure underground parking.

08/03/10 - On the ferry

SZ number 353 was originally a UK car, so registering was straight forward and it started to enjoy a return to the UK Alfa Romeo events scene.

18/04/10 - Spring Alfa Day 2010 at Burghley House, third from the right (pic. Damien Burke).

02/05/10 - Up to York for the AROC-uk Giorni Alfa Centenario di York, where the SZ was part of a limited 100 car display in the centre of the town.

Waiting for the off... the display area:

15/05/10 - The world famous(!) Shirebrook Classic Car Show - we only stayed half an hour, but there were some very nice cars present.

18/05/10 - The tinkering started, Zagato build quality means there are some "adaptations" that can help the SZ, starting with the bonnet prop. The original is too short, so I made a longer one (see Tech page).

22/05/10 - No more being gentle, timing belt changed and a heavy right foot can be engaged (see Tech pages)!

06/06/10 - Another event, this time at Stanford Hall in Lutterworth for the Auto Italia Concours.

18/06/10 - More tinkering, opening up the brake one way valve and replacing with a more modern version (see Tech pages).

08/08/10 - An event at a local venue this time, MITCAR at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. Pride of place with the other "exotics".

07/08/10 - The bonnet catch stopped releasing the bonnet, clearly a clean up is in order (see Tech pages).

20/08/10 - A weekend away in the SZ for the AROC-uk national Centenary event at Shelsley Walsh. A couple of nights staying in nearby Worcester.

22/08/10 - The main event, at Shelsley Walsh hillclimb circuit.

20/10/10 - The door lock motor seized and needed stripping down to sort it out (see Tech pages).
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